The Gift is in the Giving: True Christmas stories that will thrill and inspire you

Written by Bill Arienti

The book that you are about to read chronicles five journeys that travel from tragedy to triumph, illustrating the power of the human spirit. We have all read Dicken’s Christmas Carol, and O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi as works of fiction, but this book shows actual stories, true to life stories of people in dire situations, who were relieved by small acts of kindness. Each story documents a person or family in need of emotional or material help, and sometimes both; encountered in my line of duty as a fire fighter for the past 32 years. The Gift is in the Giving shows how by offering a minimum of compassion to others, the happiness you bring returns to you tenfold.

“I hope you enjoy reading The Gift is in the Giving as much as I enjoyed living it.” – Bill Arienti

Here is a sample of what readers are saying about The Gift is in the Giving….

Bill’s stories continue to touch my heart and show the real meaning of what life is about. I’ll find myself tearing up but then laughing a few minutes later. These beautiful and entertaining stories tug at my heart strings. Thank you Bill for the wonderful life experiences that you share with us through your gift of writing. – Andrea Daiute-Sweet; Massachusetts

While reading the “Gift is in the Giving,” all I could think about was how genuinely captivating the author managed to make true life stories to read like fiction. Not only did he hold my attention from beginning to end, but he touched a myriad of emotions. Bill brings life to real life. He gives hope through insight. He writes with unbridled honesty and humor. He touches the spirit and soul of his reader. – Nuncy DeLeo Sullivan; Massachusetts.

Nowadays, it is a sad fact of life that too often we rush through our days, spending more time staring at screens than looking into the faces of those around us. Additionally, what is most unfortunate is for many, Christmas has lost its joy and wonder. It seems it’s just the time of year when the “to do” list seems to get longer, and the days feel more manic than they do festive.
Bill’s wonderful book is an interesting and touching reminder of what Christmas should be. Detailing true stories from his remarkable life, Bill shows us all how important it is to live our lives with an open heart and to pay attention to our fellow travelers on this sometimes weary road of life. We all have gifts to give – our time, patience, understanding, empathy, acknowledgment. This book is a lovely reminder of how precious those gifts are. – Lisa Greco; Texas.


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