The Ghosts of Chimera

Written by L. E. Henderson

Two years after the death of his kid brother, 13-year-old Caleb only wants a normal life instead of a home that feels cold and dim. But Caleb discovers his troubles are only just beginning when the same man he believes killed his brother tries to kill him too.

As Caleb searches for answers, the mystery goes from being strange to extraordinary. He sees ethereal lights that beckon him down a twisted path until he finds himself face to face with a monster he remembers from early childhood nightmares.

The monster tells Caleb that the true enemy will destroy both of their worlds if unopposed.

Although Caleb initially resists the warning, his search for answers morphs into an epic quest in which what is real and what is imaginary become hard to tell apart and discoveries about an alien landscape become painfully personal.

All the while, Caleb grapples with haunting questions. Can he trust a monster that used to terrify him in nightmares? What will happen to the dreaming world if he fails? Are his experiences real, or is Caleb losing his mind?

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