The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Hell on Earth Book 1)

Written by Iain Rob Wright

The Gates is the 1st book in the epic Hell on Earth series, a terrifying thrill ride of epic proportions. You cannot escape death when death is everywhere.


All across the globe strange gates have appeared at random. Anyone who touches one dies. Anyone who tries to interfere with one dies. The world’s best scientists have no idea what they are, but one thing is certain… these strange gates are about to open.

Humanity holds its breath.

On the United States’ chaotic East Coast, Coast Guard captain Guy Granger sets off on a desperate journey across the Atlantic to find his kids. Mina Magar is a photojournalist forced to take pictures of horrors she could never have imagined as something terrible emerges onto London’s busy Oxford Street. Rick Bastion is a fading pop star with his head in a bottle and no hope for the future–even before the apocalypse began on his doorstep.

For all of them, staying alive is almost impossible, but they must try. Hell is coming and no one can escape it. Mankind must fight back or become extinct.

The gates are open. And all Hell is about to break loose.

If you love Independence Day, War of the Worlds, and Hellraiser, then you will love this apocalyptic thrill ride.

“Iain Rob Wright is sick and twisted.” – David Moody, author of Autumn and Hater.
“Iain Rob Wright scares the Hell out of me.” – J. A. Konrath

Questions to the author

This is your latest book. Is it your best?
Well, it was pre-read by 200 beta readers and they all said yes! Personally, I would say that it is certainly my most ambitious novel. It takes place all over the world and with multiple viewpoint characters. I’d say that the previous dozen novels I published were all leading up to this.

What inspired you to write The Gates?
I wanted to combine the best elements of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and other epic fictional platforms with something entirely new. My characters are not facing zombies or white walkers, they are facing something completely different, and it starts with the mysterious gates.

Will there be sequels?
Oh yes! This book is just the beginning. The story will take place over at least three books, but maybe more. I think that horror could really do with some epic storytelling and this is my attempt. I want to build a world that horror readers can live in for years, not days.

So in closing, how would you sum up The Gates?
Independence Day and Hellraiser had a baby and this is the result.


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