The Fire Starter (Children of the King Book 2)

Written by Gloria Clover
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A secluded island. A fiery princess…and a translator with a smoldering mission.

Princess Amaryllis Filippopoulos, the rightful heir of Celosia, will not succumb to her father’s absurd plot to marry her off and forfeit her rule. When a proxy wedding creates a sham of a marriage and battle erupts over the bride, will she do the unimaginable in order to save her island?

Prince Valryan Molan is sent by the King to translate the island’s scrolls…and to marry its princess. The High Lord of Celosia may have handed Valaryn the key to his kingdom, but she’s as pliable as iron.

When strangers with illegal fire weapons threaten Celosia, Valryan and Amaryllis must face a combustible choice. Will the heat fuse them together or blow them apart?

About the Children of the King Series:

The Children of the King series is comprised of stand-alone, individual romances. Any of the books can be read out of order, but there is a growing series arc woven into each story. The books are set in the distant (or not so distant) future when the King sends out His children to reclaim His lost lands. However, because of the simplistic cultures of many of the island inhabitants, the majority of the stories will seem set in the past—except for modern phrases, changed-up idioms, occasional futuristic words, references to our present as their past, and other speculative story elements that remind the reader this isn’t Kansas anymore.


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