The Family Board Meeting: You Have 18 Summers to Create Lasting Connection with Your Children

Written by Jim Sheils
Category: · Business & Money

Discover three simple steps to create a lasting connection with your children.

If you could do one thing that you knew would dramatically strengthen your family in just a few hours, would you do it?

That’s the question we pose in the Family Board Meeting, the simple guide to reconnecting with your children that has spread around the globe.

Discover the elegant and powerful strategy that promises to:
*Connect you more deeply with your children
*Reduce “screen sucking” and device dependence
*Make each child in your family feel important and unique
*Help you feel more open and authentic with your children
*Increase your happiness at home
*Building an enduring family legacy of connection and memories

The Family Board Meeting is a carefully designed, easy-to-follow guide to creating quality time with your children. It takes only minutes to plan your first Board Meeting… and it’s guaranteed to be a ton of fun for both you and your child!

Welcome to the most important meeting of your life.


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