The Eye of Fuusa (The Maya Series Book 1)

Written by Paul Emery

Fourteen-year-old Maya is content to be third in line to the throne of Laran, having little confidence in her appearance or abilities. On the day of a parade to celebrate peace with long time enemy Ezna, she prefers to hide away from judgmental eyes.
Not everyone is overjoyed with the prospect of peace. The parade becomes the target of a shadowy group wishing to reignite the war. The ruling families of Laran and Ezna are coldly assassinated, along with countless innocent bystanders. Maya’s desire for privacy inadvertently saves her life, but propels her to the throne.
Maya now has to learn to cope with the expectancy and eyes of her people, at a time when she is left devastated by her loss. She must discover who she can trust, all the while staying one-step ahead of those who will stop at nothing to break her dad’s legacy – peace.


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