The Dream Keepers

Written by Linda Keen
Category: · History

Love is the answer. A heartwarming story about family, friendship, diversity, and self-knowledge. 

In the first years of the new millennium, Star and Thatcher O’Day are seven and eight years old when they are forced to leave the only home they have ever known.

Driving cross country from the Deep South to the West Coast with their grandfather, a famous poet they consider strange, sister and brother will also have to accustom themselves before long to an eccentric artist who does not look or act anything like they think a grandmother should. Settling into entirely new surroundings, their joys as well as trials and tribulations, combined with the ebb and flow of memorable relationships, become central to the siblings’ incitement for change.

As each advancing year elicits increasing levels of alarm and acute dangers, their continuing encounters steer them into places and circumstances they never could have imagined.


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