The Dragon’s Champion

Written by Sam Ferguson

Erik Lokton’s training at Kuldiga Academy is cut short when a prophecy comes to light that names him as The Dragon’s Champion. He is forced to flee as secret covens emerge to destroy him before he can find a cure for Nagar’s Blight, a curse that had left the Middle Kingdom bereft of dragons centuries earlier and would enslave any dragon foolish enough to come within its grasp.

With the help of a master swordsman and a sorceress said to have gotten her powers in a secret pact with demons, Erik will have to stay one step ahead of warlocks and assassins if he is to find the key to fulfilling his destiny.

The trouble is, Erik isn’t sure he is the Champion spoken of in the prophecy, and if he chooses to follow the path laid out for him, it will mean risking his family as nobles feud over control of the realm amidst the chaos.


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