The Deep Enders

Written by Dave Reardon

His home destroyed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, a troubled young man stumbles into the exotic town of Broome hoping for safe harbor. Instead, Murph Turner discovers a wild and lawless place brimming with espionage, treachery and romance.

An outsider in a bewildering land of red dust and paranoia, Murph is quickly taken under wing by Banjo – a cheeky Aboriginal scamp with a passion for pyrotechnics – and Micki, a beautiful teenager on the run from authorities.

But even as the Japanese armada closes in on the northern coastline, the trio is suddenly thrust into a murderous adventure – all set against the backdrop of a true WWII tragedy, so brutal that it was immediately covered up by the Government.

“An action-packed adventure filled with wonderful characters, life and color. The Deep Enders is a wild ride for readers!”
– Leah James (Film Producer)

“A gripping read that will have you on the edge of your seat.” – BookBuzz Magazine

“Amazing writing … you’ll love it. 4.5 stars!” – Grace Radu, Booktube

“There’s only one word for The Deep Enders, unputdownable. It has adventure, mystery, gruesome villains, hidden treasures and a trio of friends you can laugh along with.” – Aziza Green (author and media consultant)

Dave Reardon covered crime, politics and crocodile attacks as a journalist for major newspapers before joining his wife Ann Reardon in producing one of the world’s favorite online lifestyle shows with 500 million views on YouTube. Dave has ghostwritten numerous books but The Deep Enders is his first novel.


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