The Darkslayer: Underling Revenge (Book 3 of 6)

Written by Craig Halloran
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Bish Happens …

As Venir struggles to survive the wrath of the underlings, Fogle Boon the wizard and Mood the Blood Ranger continue the search for their missing comrade. But how will they find a man that completely disappeared from Bish without a trace?

Back in the City of Bone, Melegal the thief is pushed to the limits under the thumb of the powerful Royal Lord Almen. Tasked with hunting down the Slergs and Almen’ lost son, the half-dead warrior Tonio, Melegal quickly discovers that serving Castle Almen – despite its many pleasures – is more than he can bear, especially when the creepy cleric Sefron is watching his every move. Can the crafty rogue survive much longer without his closest comrade there to back him up?

Kam the mage has her hands full back in the Magi Roost as Lefty Lightfoot and the ever-hungry boy Georgio are growing up too quickly. When a simple skim leads them into a run in with the local thieves guild, all of their lives will never be the same. Will they be able to survive without the man that brought them together?


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