The Darkslayer: Outrage in the Outlands (Book 5 of 6)

Written by Craig Halloran
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Bish and Bone …

Venir is pushed to his limits in the Outlands: battling underlings and trying to find a way to staunch the underling armies that are quickly spreading from one corner of Bish to the other.

Detective Melegal, struggling to get his life back under control, finds himself with more responsibility that he ever asked for. Not only does his life hang in the balance, but the fate of many others as well. Will his actions save them or spell doom for them all?

Kam, Erin and Lefty remain prisoners under Prince Palos’s watchful eyes. After Lefty Lightfoot’s betrayal, Kam is on her own. She needs an ally, but honest people are hard to come by in The Nest. Is there anyone willing to ally themselves with the woman mage?

Underling Lord Verbard has begun his siege on the City of Bone, but Master Kierway is a thorn in his side. Can the powerful mage Lord pull off the unthinkable?

Fogle Boon, Cass and Mood battle for their very lives as the giants from the Under-Bish continue their invasion.


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