The Darkness Deepens: A Milo Porter Halloween Mystery (Milo Porter Mystery Series)

Written by S.D. Thames
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

When a girl vanishes on Halloween, one private eye must decide if the disappearance is a teenage trick or a psychopath’s treat…

Private eye Milo Porter has heard more than enough about full moons, ghosts, and goblins. With Halloween season finally coming to a close, he can’t wait for the false alarms and fake frights to get off his doorstep and out of his life. So when his pastor shows up concerned about his missing niece, Milo’s confident it’s a harmless teenage prank… until he learns about the girl’s suspicious new boyfriend.

After the private eye discovers that the missing teen’s sweetheart plays guitar for a Goth-metal band, he descends into an underworld of gruesome performances and evil rituals that put his faith to the test. When a cryptic text brings his deepest fears into reality, he starts to believe that the devil may be in more than the details. Can Milo track down the girl before a trick-or-treat turns deadly?

The Darkness Deepens is the latest novella in the Milo Porter series of religious mysteries. If you like psychological twists, bone-chilling rituals, and hard-boiled detectives, then you’ll love S. D. Thames’ spellbinding novella.

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