The Dark Side of Light: Book One-INITIATION: A Viking Time Travel Fantasy (The Dark Side of Light Trilogy 1)

Written by Susan D. Kalior
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Shokane shakes his head. “Twenty-first century women.” Shallee rolls her eyes. “Ninth century men.”

Present day woman meets dark ages man in an epic tale for justice. Tumbling through time, Shallee finds herself in a past life in ancient Denmark, two years after she was murdered. She meets up with the Viking mercenary, Shokane, who once loved her, though she barely knew him. Together they plot to overthrow a corrupt government, fighting for heart on a perilous adventure into the dark side of light. Black magic abounds and mythical beings arise in this riveting suspense where past and present bleed together to reshape a fate that hinges on a romance, transcendent of time and space.


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