The Crusades: The True and Surprising History of the Crusades

Written by Patrick Auerbach
Category: · History

This book, The Crusades: The True and Surprising History of the Crusades, is written for the reader that wants to know a detailed history of the nine military campaigns conducted in defense of the Holy Lands.

Within this book we list the details of each Crusade, including:

  • The Pope that initiated the battles
  • The major countries and people involved
  • The results of the battles
  • The transfers of the properties
  • The success of the Crusade

In addition, we also discuss details of the divisions between the Kingdoms of the East and the Kingdoms of the West.
We discuss the Great Schism between the Eastern Christian Church and the Western Christian Church that is not healed to this very day.

We follow the campaigns of Richard the Lionhearted, and Conrad III, and Louis VII. These men come alive as we march into battle with them, fighting to defend their faith.

This book has surprising intrigues, political twists, infighting and backbiting.

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