The Crock Pot Express Cookbook: 365 Delicious Recipes for Everyday of the Year

Written by Patrick King

The Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker™ is Amazing! You can cook virtually anything in a pressure cooker — from meats and main courses to rice, potatoes, vegetables of every description, dessert to even yogurt. Better yet, pressure cooking allows you to prepare foods up to 70 percent faster, on average, than conventional cooking methods do, which means you save energy in addition to your precious time!

Since the pressure cooker came into my life close to ten years ago, I’ve eaten better and saved money as well as time. Now I’d like to share with you all that I’ve learned.

If you are one of those “hurry-up” cooks who dreams of getting a delicious meal on the table in 30 minutes or less, you’ll love this book. I love good meals, but I’m not patient about waiting a long time for it to be done.

In this book, we’ll explore the surprising variety of easy dishes you can make with your electric pressure cooker.

For healthy, homemade fast food, the pressure cooker is the best option. We’ll explore a wide variety of dishes, from pasta, fish, risottos, meatloafs, and cheesecakes, to all of the splendid soups, stews, ribs, and pot roasts, using wholesome and healthy ingredients in the process.

I invite you to experience the surprise and delight that awaits every cook who unlocks the lid of a pressure cooker and sees what magic has transpired within.

A pressure cooker is a real kitchen partner.

Let’s see what the Crock-Pot Express™ can do!

Happy Cooking!


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