The Complete Capsule Wardrobe Guide: How to Build a Smart Wardrobe & Find Your Personal Style (wardrobe for the base, personal style for women) with Pictures, Hints, Tips & Tricks

Written by Alex Avdeev
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Thousands of girls and women around the world freeze in front of their wardrobe with the idea of what to wear today?

Someone chooses the usual clothes and hides their charm in an inexpressive attire, and someone spends their precious time searching for clothes and is late for work. The ideal wardrobe is not magic, not a talent and not an absorber of money. The ideal wardrobe is self-love, self-awareness and the ability to see the new in everyday style.

Do you want to look stylish? Do you have many clothes, at the same time you have nothing to wear?

Then this means that my book is for you! Today you will learn what must necessarily be in the wardrobe of every woman! You will learn how to properly choose your clothes and dress according to the season and situation, and successfully combine your clothes and complement it with the right accessories. Thanks to my book, you will always look perfect!

We like to wear casual jeans and sneakers, and any situation that entails a new look can put us at a dead end. Ridiculous mistakes, unsuccessful looks, comical situations are frequent problems of our life. None of us is immune from a stylish failure.

How can you avoid obvious mistakes and not become a laughingstock for colleagues at work or friends at a party? How can you avoid the scornful smirks of passers-by, and achieve approving views?

My book will answer all your questions. In your hands, you keep an accessible and unique guide to creating the perfect style, and a description of the steps to achieve an unforgettable look, as well as a list of insidious mistakes that you should avoid. Today you will learn how to adjust the figure by choosing the right clothing style, how to choose the right color range of clothes, what clothes should be in your wardrobe and much more. In my book, you will find answers to all the questions without a tedious description!

Good luck!


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