The Compelling Photograph: Techniques for Creating Better Images (Book 1)

Written by Anne McKinnell
Category: · Arts & Photography

Wish you could take more compelling photographs? Now you can!

In 8 lessons, this eBook will help you:

  • Understand the principles of good image design 
  • Learn how to find interesting compositions 
  • Get tack sharp images 
  • Make the most of the time you spend shooting 
  • Come home with great images after every shoot 

Now you can make every photo shoot a treasure hunt where you come home with the treasure every time!

I will show you the elements of good image design, essential camera skills, and fun photography techniques so you come home with great images every time. Not only that, but I will send you on a weekly treasure hunt and show you exactly what you are looking for and where to find it.

What’s inside?

The more you train your eye to notice the details, the more interesting your photographs will become.

Lines are one of the fundamental building blocks of composition. They direct the eye around an image and give the viewer a path to follow.

Colours determine the viewer’s emotional response to an image. They set the mood and determine what part of an image gets the most attention.

Photographing a reflection creates a more unique image of an often photographed subject by adding interest and depth to your photograph.

One way you can add drama, intrigue, and mystery to an image is by photographing your subject as a silhouette. Deep contrasts make for powerful and memorable images.

Often a story is better told in a series of images that reveal more about the essence of a subject than a single image can.

One way to quickly add a new dimension to your subject is to give it a frame inside the boundaries of the image.

That time before a sunrise or after a sunset w


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