The Collapsing Kingdom (The Land without Color Book 3)

Written by Benjamin Ellefson
Category: · Children’s Books

All His Life, Brandon Has Heard Stories About The Kingdom of Color.
Now He’s About To Live One

Brandon grew up hearing stories about how his grandfather and great-great grandfather battled to free the Kingdom of Color from its enemies, but he never imagined that one day he’d have to risk his own life to save the kingdom.

Grayness has returned to the kingdom. The land is collapsing beneath Brandon’s feet. Food has stopped growing. And his Grandpa Alvin, is missing.

Brandon’s only chance is to team up with his best friend, and a giant eagle. Together they must elude the relentless Officer Reed, escape the nefarious Spider Riders, and of course rescue the twin princesses, Gwendolyn and Sapphire.

In the final, and most rousing chapter in the Land Without Color series, Benjamin Ellefson weaves a middle grade fantasy, of diversity, peril, and the power of friendship.


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