The Clara Callaway Mystery Collection (3 Story Set)

Written by Lillian Dore
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Journey back to 1920s England, and join young Lady Clara Callaway and her lady’s maid, Alice Hart, as they go detecting together!

This box set contains the first three stories in the Clara Callaway mystery series.

Dead by Dinner
Lady Clara Callaway had expected that evening’s dinner party to be a dull affair as usual, so when Malcolm Wexley drops dead during dinner, it does liven things up a bit. But between politics, gambling and womanizing, Price has made a lot of enemies—and therefore a lot of suspects!

Dying to Vote
When a Right to Vote rally turns into a mysterious murder, Lady Clara Callaway once again finds herself in the thick of things. Penelope Newton, spokeswomen for the Women’s Furtherance League, has been killed at the rally, her body found in a locked room. And once again, the suspects are outnumbering the clues.

Betting on Murder
The race is on when Clara Callaway, Giles and Alice find themselves at the scene of another murder. Champion jockey Michael Maloney has been killed mid-race, and now it’s up to Clara to track down the culprit. Is someone trying to fix the races, or does the motive go deeper than money?


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