The Chronicles of Clyde: Unafilliated (Alien Alliance Book 3)

Written by F.E. Arliss
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Arc Copperfield loves the Clyde, an ancient dented hulk of a cargo hauler. He’s stocky, ugly and has a heart of gold. Along with Clyde’s grizzled Commander, Ewan Quirke, she and a crew of survivors from Earth’s holocaust run legal and illegal goods around a chaotically dangerous universe. Pirates flourish and governments plot to use people, steal loads and imprison the innocent for their own uses. There is no luck but that which they make, and the essential alliances that keep them free. When a strange twist of circumstances allow her biological family to threaten her new one, Arc will have to decide where her true allegiance lies. When an alien species offers her the means to fight to her best ability, Arc seizes the opportunity and becomes more than a mere mortal. Read this tale of adventure and transformation, and see where Arc’s loyalty really leads.


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