The Buzz About Tequila

Written by Jeff Czernicki

Little did you know the story of tequila’s global popularity. Let us share it with you in the same fashion you would follow a cultural sensation through social media today. The similarities are uncanny. Read about the adventure, the fable, the legend of tequila has woven itself into the fabric of American history. Beginning with a Rolling Stones tour in the early 70’s and the continuous relationship to drinks like Tequila Sunrise and of course, the Margarita. The overall impact of this particular libation is beyond immense.

In this book, The Buzz About Tequila, follow the haze of a craze as we explore the societal and economic impact of Mexico’s most popular spirit, one that has run the spectrum of song lyrics and catchy phrases on t-shirts, to the barroom etiquette of the salt and the lime (which comes first?). The lore of Tequila began with a spark and that spark went BOOM! Little did anyone know that this was the start of a global phenomenon filled with legendary Spring Break parties, hotels, restaurants, celebrity fortune, the creation of a non-holiday holiday (at least in Mexico), and the subsidizing of a nation’s GDP.

So prepare yourself for the nuance, the implication, and expanding your knowledge on the topic of Tequila. After all, no great story ever started with tales of the appetizer you had at the bar last night!


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