The Breacher (The Breacher Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Jordan Creed

The System is always watching… The System knows no mercy…

Behind these towering metal Walls, a man loses his life when he loses his worth. The System decides your Level, the System decides your value, the System decides whether you live, and the System decides whether you die.

Beyond the Walls, toxic, mountainous wildlands are crawling with Screechers. The very air one breathes can kill in an instant. But the ground beneath is teeming with energy – energy the ruling Council needs. They’ll sacrifice anything… anyone… to get it.

It’s hell on either side of these Walls. Only the Breachers, stolen from their lives in the Levels, survive in both worlds. To save his brother from the monthly Discard, seventeen-year-old Nathan Hardline must become one.

Keeping himself and his brother alive, however, isn’t all Nathan has to worry about. The secretive Breaching of the Walls Department is not what is seems. The Council is plotting something, something that could end Nathan’s world as he knows it. But is the truth worth his life?

Is the truth worth his family?


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