The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies

Written by Kathryn Loving

Law enforcement officials should be held high and embraced by the public. However, first they have to deserve it by sweat equity. A peace officer just doesn’t walk into a uniform and have respect. They earn it. The process starts at the rookie stage.

The days with the rookies were some of the most memorable ones during patrol. There are trials, errors, funny moments, and the extraordinary. I prided myself when they progressed through the program equipped with the knowledge and skills to grow into a quality officer. On the flip side, I also beat myself up when I was not at my personal best because of some outside influence that tarnished my day. Trainers really can’t have a bad hair day. It’s too crucial to be quality at all times. It’s just not possible to be perfect.

The word “rookie” has many connotations to each individual organization, corporation, or sport which prides itself in calling their new prospects by this name. It can be positive or negative. I use the word rookie because it is “old school cop language” and it is better than “boot” or “beat”. To me, it’s just a novice, a new recruit, or possibly “Superboy” or “Supergirl” in the making.


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