The Blowhard Devil: A serial killer thriller with jaw-dropping twists

Written by Hugo Lester
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

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An enchanting night is all it takes for a devil to delineate the crest of madness, chaos, and ingenuity.

The Blowhard Devil is a prodigious crime novel which takes you to a ride as never before. It pictures the war between a brilliant detective and a psychotic serial killer. Who’d you stand with? Sanity or Craziness? The serial killer makes bemusing the detective his ambition that ultimately turns into assassinating him in the end. His ghastly crimes and games bewilder every mind in LAPD.

The best detective of Los Angeles gets the hardest case of his career. He fights to win the war of ingenuity with his great mind. Solving the perplexing case, he finds out the blowhard devil has an accomplice. Then the ride becomes bumpier, crazier, and wittier.

Amid the deluge of his strategies, the serial killer outset his master plan which makes everyone deranged. But the detective doesn’t step back, instead, he tries to be two steps ahead of the devil.

See where the ride of suspense leads you to.



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