The Best of Seneca the Stoic: Life Changing Lessons from the Famous Roman Stoic Philosopher (Seneca the younger, Letters From a Stoic, Stoicism, Seneca the Stoic, Classic Literature, Greek Book 1)

Written by Larry Berg

Learn the Fundamental Success Lessons from the Famous Roman Philosopher, Seneca the Stoic

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Lucius Seneca created a famous philosophical system, Stoicism, back in Roman Times. His wisdom is simple to understand, and ideal for anyone who wants to operate in high-stress environments. Best selling author Timothy Ferriss is an advocate of Seneca and his teachings. He quotes: “In the last three years, I’ve begun to explore one philosophical system in particular: Stoicism. Though my preferred Stoic writer, Lucius Seneca, I’ve found it to be a simple and immensely practical set of rules for better results with less effort.” – Timothy Ferriss

In this book, we will learn about who Seneca is. We will explore into his teachings, life lessons, and wisdom in complete detail. Seneca’s secrets will be revealed once and for all.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Where did Seneca come from?
* Seneca’s political career and exile
* Moral struggle of a brilliant man
* Why and How did Seneca die?
* Stoic philosophies through Seneca
* Cosmopolitanism, what is it?
* Why having less, is more
* and much much more


Comments From Other Readers

“I’ve read all of Tim Ferriss’ four hour books, and he always speaks of Seneca. I’ve read Letters of Seneca, but never truly understood it. This book breaks it down into understandable English. I learned a lot!” – Gilbert D. (Vancouver, Canada)

“More is less and less is more. It is such a funny concept, and it is explained very clearly in this book. Keep it up Tim Bauer.” – Julie M. (Boston, USA

“I used this book for my book report and got an A on it! The info is great and so is the writing style.” – Vincent R. (New York, USA)

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