The Battle for Caddo Valley (Hellfire Mighty Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series, Book 1)

Written by A.T. Avon
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

New post-apocalyptic survival fiction – as America comes under attack, a civilian battalion rises.
Decapitation of the North Korean regime has come at an unthinkable cost: three nuclear weapons detonated in shipping containers in the ports of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And nukes are just the beginning…

Three days before detonation –
An L.A. mother with a baby daughter and mysterious debt problem is certain her husband is having an affair. What she stumbles on instead is an unfathomable plot against America.

Zero hour –
A teacher leading a school trip finds himself trapped in an A380 at LAX. He’s not only facing a mushroom cloud, but death-by-fallout. Responsible for eight students, as well as his wife and two sons, sitting tight isn’t an option.

21 months after detonation –
In an America that’s overcommitted abroad and reeling from North Korea’s “Triptack”, a retired US Navy SEAL joins an untrained, volunteer battalion. His mission: take down gangbangers.


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