The Atlantis Girl (The Atlantis Saga Book 1)

Written by S.A. Beck

~*~*~*~FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME~*~*~*~ Book 1 in the thrilling 7-book Atlantis Saga

The US government, the US military, and world-renowned scientists are all after one thing—the Atlantis gene, from the descendants of the lost island of Atlantis.

Sixteen-year-old Jaxon Andersen doesn’t know anything about her origins and has been shuffled around different foster homes ever since she can remember. Trouble follows her, but bullies underestimate her small stature; she has an inexplicable strength, and she can kick some serious butt.

She tries for a fresh start at the Forever Welcome Group Home for Juveniles. Dr. Hollis, her psychiatrist, is fascinated by her intelligence and astounded by her strange powers. However, Jaxon is still an easy target for bullies. She seeks refuge in the company of Otto Heike, an eighteen-year-old athlete and boys’ resident assistant.

Will Otto think Jaxon’s a freak when he discovers her secrets?

Meanwhile, the US military, which is performing terrifying genetic experiments, is closing in on Jaxon…

The Atlantis Girl is the 1st book in Atlantis Saga, about the girl with the Atlantis gene.

Book 1: The Atlantis Girl
Book 2: The Atlantis Allegiance
Book 3: The Atlantis Gene
Book 4: The Atlantis Secret
Book 5: The Atlantis Origins
Book 6: The Atlantis Guard
Book 7: The Atlantis Ascent


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