The Art of Budgeting

Written by Phillip Halfpenny
Category: · Business & Money

In this guide we will undertake a journey together to both improve your basic personal finances and ensure you have a long term financial plan set up to secure your future. This is a no nonsense book that will give you realistic advice and methods that anyone can employ to succeed and live a happy and comfortable life.
I promise that every step of the way I will remove as much technical terminology as possible to give you a jargon free book that empowers you to take control of your destiny. I will use basic examples along the way to help you understand how systems and methods will work and together we will explore The Art of Budgeting and beyond.
By using clear and concise language I will show you how to:
• Budget properly
• Escape debt easily
• Live comfortably while also planning for the future
• Invest in your future
• How to save efficiently
• What to do to ensure a prosperous retirement
• How to negotiate
• How to invest in and make money on property
• How to save money on a daily basis
• How to start your first side business
For too long I spent my life struggling and trying to scrape a living, I learned the hard way how to make my money work for me and how to live easily without the daily stress of money hanging over my head. You will benefit from years of hard work, accumulated knowledge and research by applying the practical methods shown in this book to your personal financial situation.
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