The Alien Plague (Book 1)

Written by A.T. Avon


It first appears in Chengdu, China, shortly after a satellite disintegrates over the city. Sputum samples confirm it: H5N1, an avian flu. Except this strain is new. And biologically impossible.

Historian Missy Levine has spent her life trying to complete her father’s thesis, “Disease X: The Alien Pathogen”. She’s endured the setbacks and sniggers, but now she’s out of time. The world stands on the brink of a pandemic, exposed to a virus which breaks all the rules.

As a new and terrifying alien pathogen spreads, America sends a clandestine team to China. But nothing about this “flu” is simple. It creates domes of immunity, then explodes outward like a shockwave. The dead remain contagious, while survivors are forever mutated.

The WHO is intent on finding Patient Zero and creating vaccines, but Missy is convinced salvation lies in a long-forgotten Japanese lab from World War II China – a lab she’s willing to risk her life to find.

But will Missy be able to live with what she learns about her own tormented past?

The beginning of a new and thrilling series. Get your copy today! A high-octane techno-thriller with plenty of twists, perfect for fans of A.G. Riddle and James D. Prescott.


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