The Air Fryer Playbook: An amazing collection of savory, healthy & fulfilling air fryer recipes

Written by Jason Ortega

”Who thought Air Fryer could offer such a variety of delicious foods? These recipes are just amazing! I wish there were more! Check out this book!”
-Megan Drake

”This book is the must have if you own Air Fryer and want to get the maximum of it! Easy, tasty, and fast. I recommend!”
-Louis Robinson

Tired of wasting time cooking for 2-3 hours? Here comes an amazing creation! In this book, you will find 50 recipes that will save your time not only on cooking but on washing tons of dishes as well.

Ready to steam, warm your foods up, and saute them in no time? The choice is yours! Fix your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts with Air Fryer using recipes book to enjoy the freshness and quality of your favorite foods!

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