The Agreement

Written by Sylvia Jefferson
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Claire Foster and Jake Montgomery are freelance insurance investigators in San Francisco, California. They work when they want to and take the particular cases they want to, but the next case they have is one that Claire stumbles into…literally. Claire not only has a hard time convincing her partner Jake she saw a dead man walking, but they both have the difficult time getting the police on board. To top everything else off, Jake tries to jump start Claire’s love life by painting a romantic adventure of marrying a handsome foreigner so he can get a green card. Trying to solve a triple homicide and convincing family and friends that a harmonious union is about to take place, makes the investigators’ lives as bumpy and hilly as the streets in their home city.

This mystery novel is a fun, easy read that keeps readers on their toes and turning the pages to see what the two crime fighters have to get out of next. Enjoy!


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