The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: 17 Tips You Should Know to Get Started Using Photoshop Lightroom (For Digital Photographers) (Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography, Lightroom)

Written by Edward Bailey
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Lightroom for Beginners

Did you ever want all your photos to be stored, edited, and shared from one place? Do you want to access and edit your photos from your phone or tablet as well?

If your answer to both questions above is “YES”, then Photoshop Lightroom is the software that will meet all your needs and expectations. Although it belongs to the “Photoshop family”, Lightroom is quite different from its older brother, and this book will show you what you can do in Lightroom, as well as how to use it.

Photoshop Lightroom is unique software that is user-friendly and able to fulfill all your expectations, brining photo editing to a whole new level. This one-stop solution simplifies the art of post-processing, and what used to be time consuming processes are done in a few seconds with Lightroom.

Here is what you can learn in this book:

•The difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom
•What features you can use for a better post-processing experience
•How to organize photos in Lightroom
•How to share your photos from Lightroom directly to your Facebook account, Flickr, or send them to someone’s email address
•The inevitable part of photo-editing (cropping)
•How to use presets to develop style and edit multiple photos with one click
•How to easily get a picture-perfect skin in Lightroom

The book will also teach you:

•How to rotate multiple photos at once
•How to create HDR effects in Lightroom
•How to create a fairytale-like sunset
•How to create a dramatic portrait
•How to save photos as JPEG’s

Benefits of buying this book include:

•Versatile content
•Step by step instructions
•Easy techniques
•Useful tips
•Motivation to express your own creativity

Check what people say :

5.0 out of 5 starsVery simple
ByPhillip McLendonon July 3, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Very easy to understand
Thank you for making it silly simple.
Now to try it : )
Thank you tons!”

In order to enhance the quality of your images, all you have to do is follow the instructions provided in this book. The biggest advantage of this book is its ability to motivate you to explore your own imagination and express your creativity through a series of methods, which teach you that all you need to create the perfect photo is to experiment with values and see what you like the best.

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