The 5 Day Guitar Solo Method – Everything You Need to Play Guitar Solos Like a Pro

Written by Damien Peters
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Are you ready to light your guitar on fire with great solos?

If you’re interested in learning all of the techniques needed to learn pretty much any solo you can think of, and even make up your own, this is the book for you.

Once you have gone through the chapters, all you’ll need are the notes of the solo you want to learn in front of you (which are available for free on the internet) and the rest is up to you. Eventually, you won’t even need the notes, and you’ll find that you can figure out most solos simply by listening closely to the song.

This book is the key to developing that ability.

It makes no promises to make you a rock god, flashing out screeching solos until your guitar spontaneously bursts into flames, but it will lay out a straightforward, step by step method to teach you all of the techniques you will need in order to do it (with the exception of the fire). After that, what you learn and how quickly you learn it is up to you.

This is the second of the 5 Day Guitar Method books. It was written for the beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarist aiming to learn or improve their skills as a guitar soloist.

The first book is The 5 Day Guitar Method (For Beginners). Start with the first book if you are new to guitar. It includes everything from choosing the right guitar to easy-to-follow lessons on chords, riffs, solos, and tablature. It will get you playing guitar by the weekend.

Then dive into this book and let’s see if we can light your guitar on fire!


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