Tex-Mex Recipes – 100 Recipes to Spice Up Your Appetite

Written by Tera Davis

There is simply nothing more delicious than homemade enchiladas in hardy gravy with cheese bubbling on top. Or how about a warm breakfast burrito to get your day started? Within this cookbook of 100 Tex-Mex recipes you will find meals that will satisfy the whole family. Recipes like Easy Meat & Potato Tacos, Green Chili Quesadillas, Tamale Pie and something sweet such as Cinnamon Apple Enchiladas.

If you love Tex-Mex food or even if you have never tasted Tex-Mex you are guaranteed to fall for the savory deliciousness that makes it one of the most popular foods around. There is truly nothing like it and that’s a good thing!


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