Written by J. Kent Preyer

At last! The Southern romantic comedy we’ve been waiting for. No one will want to miss the crazy, sinfully funny world called TENNESSEE WILDFLOWERS. It has all the right spicy ingredients: saucy fearless women, ruggedly handsome cowboys, country-western legends, southern charm and wit, and it obligingly dishes out all the latest jaw-dropping gossip.

Discovering this book is like running into an old friend. Pull up a cozy chair, slip off your shoes and sit a spell. This heavenly Tennessee tale is a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with a Mint Julep or a glass of sweet tea.

Get ready to discover the history and grandeur of a one-of-a-kind American treasure; this extraordinary story unfolds in the home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a heartwarming comedy in the classic southern tradition of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe and the movie Steel Magnolias.

Southern American fiction meets contemporary political controversy, and the blend is seamless. The story is magical, uplifting and shines with honesty. The colorful characters are outspoken, passionate, audacious and unforgettable.

The Nashville Sun breaks some surprising news about two of Tennessee’s most illustrious families. As a result, the governor of Tennessee, JJ Fletcher, and country-western superstar, Kitty Stardust, are unwittingly thrown into a media firestorm. At the heart of the matter is a scandal ripped from today’s headlines. It lays bare a life-changing choice for JJ Fletcher and Kitty Stardust and asks of them both: How much should a parent sacrifice for the love of their child?

Weaved through generations of enchanting characters, this is an inspiring story that explores the universal need to belong and the transformative power of family, and love.

“Your momma said her favorite thing in the whole world was a wildflower. Nothing brought her more joy than finding a new one, one she had never seen before. She said she felt the same way about people too.” – Rattlesnake Calliope (from Tennessee Wildflowers)


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