Tara and the Giant Queen: A Fantasy in Giant Land

Written by Gita V. Reddy
Category: · Children’s Books

A storm lashes nine-year old Tara into Giant Land where she lands on the queen’s head. The giants haven’t ever seen a human being. One evil giant believes Tara is a magician in disguise and is out to get her.

Tara’s journey back to her world is filled will danger and courage and friendship with a boy-giant.


From amazon reviews

“The world-building was truly excellent, with elaborate settings and interesting characters. I fell in love with the charming world of the giants, with its concepts of work and play and its emphasis on peace, happiness and love.” 

“A delightful children’s tale. I think parents would also enjoy reading it.”  

“These are giants reimagined, and bear little resemblance to the sterotypical giant you might think of — a big plus.” 


Previously published under the title Cheetaka, Queen of Giants.


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