Tapping Into Neuro-Productivity: Cutting Through The Noise To Catapult You To Success

Written by Kirstin Odonovan
Category: · Business & Money

To influence the success of your business, you must understand the link between your thought processes, neurotransmitters and behavior.

Kirstin O’Donovan, business coach, author and founder of the highly successful TopResultsCoaching, will arm you with the latest strategies to leverage your productivity effectively in both your personal and business life. This book combines a wealth of principles and tools to help you master your internal world in order to succeed on the outside.

In these pages you’ll learn:
• The secrets to building a mindset geared for success and productivity
• How the survival mechanism of fear and procrastination limits you internally and externally, and how to master them to your advantage
• How to increase your focus to clarify and fulfill your vision
• How to leverage what you’ve learned about habits, productivity and planning to turn your business into everything you envisioned it could be

If you’re confused as to why your business isn’t as successful as you would like, struggling with productivity or you simply want to master your mind and results, this book is for you.


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