Sword of Champions: The House of de Winter Collection

Written by Kathryn Le Veque
Category: · Romance

Welcome to the definitive House of de Winter Collection.

They call the sword l’Espada – the sword of the ancestors of the House of de Winter. The first born male in every generation carries this sword, infused with a legacy beyond compare. The House of de Winter is descended from the Visigoths, a line of men both powerful and fearful, but with the passage of time and the development of civilized society, the wild ways of their ancestors has turned to the warring Medieval ways. De Winter always supports the king upon the throne of England, right or wrong, and Lespada is wielded only for the rulers of England. This collection contains:

Lespada – the first book in the series. Davyss de Winter and his sword marry a resistant bride.

Swords and Shields – Drake de Winter marries a lady of Scottish/French ancestry who is not who she pretends to be.

The Questing – Drake de Winter is a secondary character in this sweeping epic of love and loss.

The Thunder Lord – A young Davyss de Winter is a secondary character in the first book in the Lords of Thunder series. With Simon de Montfort upon the throne, Davyss and his best friend, Gallus de Shera, must fight on opposite sides.

Silversword – Enjoy bonus chapters of a story with Davyss de Winter as a secondary character.

(Note: The origins of the House of de Winter can be read about in WARWOLFE, released 6/7/17.)

Enjoy this limited edition collection!


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