Survival Pantry: The Beginners Guide To Food Storage, Canning, Preserving And Surviving (The Prepper’s Guide To Food Storage, Water Storage, Canning And Preserving)

Written by Julianne P.

Will you be prepared when disaster strikes?

In todays uncertain, volatile world, everyone should have a food storage system in place.

Preppers are prepared for any sort of disaster from common natural disasters to large scale apocalyptic events. Having and utilizing the information in this book could mean the difference between life and death. Whether or not you’re prepared is up to you!

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • How you can be prepared in the case of common natural disasters
  • The difference between life and death when facing a disaster and why it pays to be prepared
  • The preppers shopping list
  • Preparing food for long term storage
  • Canned goods
  • Different methods for canning food
  • Water storage
  • Much, much more!

Be prepared for disaster when it hits.. Your life could depend on it!


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