Surfing Detective Double Feature Vol. 1 Murder on Moloka’i Kula (Surfing Detective Mystery Series)

Written by Chip Hughes

“Everyone’s favorite surfing detective, Kai Cooke, is back . . .” Waterman’s Library.

Surfing Detective Double Feature, Vol. 1, contains two popular Hawai‘i mysteries in one volume:

In MURDER ON MOLOKA‘I Kai investigates a fatal plunge from the soaring cliffs above Kalaupapa’s fabled leper colony. Boston heiress Adrienne Ridgely claims her sister Sara’s fall from a mule on Moloka‘i was no accident but murder, perpetrated by Sara’s ex, developer J. Gregory Parke. Kai tracks tantalizing leads on Moloka‘i to an unlikely murder that, despite himself, he starts to believe in. Did Parke do it for vengeance, or Adrienne herself for an inheritance, as Parke alleges? Soon Kai uncovers a motive more noxious than either of these – entangling him in the shady dealings of big-time developers, corrupt politicians, and underworld thugs. As he seeks a pivotal clue, the clock ticks down on more than the PI’s case or even his own threatened life. The future of Moloka‘i itself is at stake.

In KULA Kai reluctantly traces the missing golden retriever of radio pitchman Barry Buckingham. Despite his qualms, Kai would seem a natural for the case, since the pooch named Kula is a famous surfing dog. With the help of Maile Barnes, ex-K9 cop and kindred spirit, he ventures into the dark underworld of animal theft in the islands. Then a questionable tip takes him to a late-night rendezvous, his tipster winds up dead, and the detective himself becomes a suspect. The PI tracks the illusive retriever from O‘ahu to the Big Island to Maui, but the killer is one step ahead. Can Kai clear his name and find the murderer before he strikes again?


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