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Save 12 Hours of Note-Taking and a Lifetime of Forgetting What You Read

Have you ever spent 10, 20, 30 hours reading a book, only to forget what you learned from it?

Do you avoid writing all over the insides of your brand new books just so you can keep them in perfect condition?

How much effort does it take for you to extract all of your notes, post-its, highlights and dog ears from your books and eBooks?

And when was the last time you reviewed and of those notes that you spent all that time making, anyway?

So many people had been having the same problem. After talking to many lifelong-learners, it’s been said that we completely forget (Google the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, seriously) 90% of what we read within a couple of weeks on average.

It turns out, though, that there are ways to slow down the rate of forgetting and sometimes even eliminate forgetting altogether if we take some simple actions.

Real learning doesn’t occur on the first read of a book. Real learning doesn’t even happen on the 2nd or 3rd review of our book notes. It happens only when we take action.

We all have heard that key to success in learning and memory is repetition. And in order to save 10, 20, 30, or 100 hours of precious time (that we all don’t have) reading and reviewing long books, it’s important to have good notes to review that will give you the key points of a book and sum everything up for you in a short window of time.

CompanionReads has helped over 50,000 people with learning. We’ve saved people a ton of time making notes and summarizing books for them in an easy to use format.

Imagine reading an entire book without taking any notes and then spending only 30 minutes reviewing a set of well structured and professionally written notes that easily give you only the golden nuggets of a book that you own.

Think about how easy for you it would be to then go out and take action on those ideas and start getting the results that the authors of these books intended for you. Not do this means you’ll lose the 10 hours or so that you spent reading that book.

Not only that but think about the 1,000’s of hours or $1,000’s of dollars you would’ve made or saved had you immediately implemented the strategies you read, rather than let them get forgotten on a bookshelf. You could be missing out on opportunities that could potentially double, or triple or 10X your income.

The improvement in the quality of your life would be immeasurable. With massive action, you’d lose those 20 extra pounds of belly fat in a couple of short months, get that romantic partner you’ve always dreamed of and find yourself finally living in your ideal home.

At CompanionReads, we analyze the books, take notes, extract the key ideas from them, and structure them for you in an easily digestible, actionable, 30-60 minute format.

We take our work seriously. All of our content goes through a professional double-edit process. We use these notes ourselves, so we make sure that our content is great quality.

Your Guides Will Include

  • A comprehensive synopsis of the original book (great for pre-reading)
  • An editorial review (for your enjoyment)
  • A chapter by chapter analysis
  • An index of the key words, people, phrases and resources of the original book
  • 10+ hours of note-taking and extraction condensed into 30-60 minutes
  • A well-structured and formatted eBook, Paperback or Audiobook
  • Professionally written and edited content that can be used over and over again

Get started with real learning. Save over 12 hours of note-taking and never forget what you read, ever. Get yours now.


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