Sugarland: A Jazz Age Mystery

Written by Martha Conway

Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2016

CHICAGO, 1921: When talented young musician Eve Riser is caught in a drive-by shooting that kills the bootlegger standing next to her, she forms an unlikely friendship with the bootlegger’s sister. Eve is looking for her missing stepsister, a popular night club singer, and Lena wants to solve the mystery of who killed her brother and why. Together these two women navigate the back alleys and speakeasies of the Roaring Twenties, encountering charismatic managers, handsome musicians, romance, and a mysterious gangster called the Walnut who seems to be the key to it all.

As they fight racial barriers trying to discover the truth, Eve and Lena—two strong women fighting for their families—must learn to rely on each other and trust no one else. SUGARLAND mixes the excitement of the 1920s with the darker side of Prohibition in a gripping story with “real suspense for anyone who likes a good mystery.” (Kirkus Starred Review)

Winner of multiple awards, including Readers’ Favorite Book Award, and the EPIC Award Winner in Mystery.


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