Stuck In My Head (2nd Edition): An Offbeat Look at Music and Mental Health

Written by Michael Dane
Category: · Arts & Photography

A lifelong dabbler in music, Michael Dane is also out of his mind. In this affectionately satirical memoir, you get a comedy crash course in music appreciation, from Bach to Bonnaroo, “Stuck” also chronicles the author’s mental quirks, from OCD to anxiety disorder.
The premise is simple: Everyone’s crazy, crazy is funny, and whatever brand of crazy you’re experiencing, there’s probably a playlist for it.
The book has playlists for losing your grip and for finding your way back. You’ll also learn how to remove an earworm, why karaoke isn’t necessarily evil, and how to avoid making Dizzy Gillespie angry.
Dane, author of “Does This Taste Funny?,” also interviews a fictional eighteenth century composer, a piano tuner with a penchant for destroying pianos, a legendary sixties icon, two accordionists, a hip-hop harpist, and his high school band director.
No matter what style of music moves you, this book probably covers it, and whatever the state of your mental health, “Stuck In My Head” will have you laughing like a crazy person.


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