Strange Tales of Scotland

Written by Jack Strange
Category: · History

Strange Tales of Scotland is a collection of stories, each dealing with a particular aspect of the mysteries of Scotland.

The first chapter tells of the ghost that appeared at the wedding of King Alexander II, and the second one of monsters such as the Shellycoat and Water-horse that were thought to inhabit Scotland’s lochs. Another part of the book deals exclusively with Loch Ness and the strange happenings at that mysterious body of water. Later, we have a look at the mysterious deaths at the Flannan Islands Lighthouse, and at the strange creatures that were once believed to infest the hills and glens of Scotland, including the terrifying brollachan and the slaugh.

Tales of Mermaids and Fin-men are unearthed, as are terrible stories of Scotland’s caves, including human sacrifice at Moray’s Sculptor’s Cave. The legends of Roslin Chapel and its nearby castle are examined, with the possible connection to the Knights Templar. Finally, we have a look at the legend of the phantom armies of Scotland; soldiers who refuse to fade away even centuries after their wars have been fought, and their causes faded in history.

Welcome to the Strange Tales of Scotland.


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