Storm Log-0505: (The First Detective Deans Novel)

Written by James D Mortain
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A popular student buried alive. A detective with a mysterious secret. A complex killer lying in wait.

Detective “Deano” Deans and his wife have suffered years of agony waiting to become parents. He is just hours away from discovering the success of his wife’s fertility treatment, but a beautiful young student has gone missing and he must find her.

Forced to leave his wife at home, Deans travels to a small coastal village in search of the girl, but this is no pleasure trip and he soon discovers a brutal murder.

When a medium claims to have crucial information relating to the crime, Deans dismisses it out of hand as psychic gibberish, but as she feeds him accurate details relating to the killing, Deans has to accept that Denise Moon has a paranormal ability he simply cannot ignore.

They are closing in on a sophisticated killer, one who is always a step ahead of the game, but Deans must confront an even greater challenge … he can speak to the dead.

Faced with a ‘spiritual awakening’, Deans’ life is in turmoil, but destiny has dealt its hand and Deans has unwittingly placed his family in terrifying peril.

This breakthrough novel by former CID detective, James D Mortain is perfect for fans of Michael ConnellyAngela MarsonsRachel Abbott and Peter James. You’ll be hooked to the very last page.

Download the first book in the Detective Deans Trilogy today and fall in love with a new breed of hero.

Reader reviews:

“The characters are real and vibrant; the storyline and pace is gripping. Definitely the best book I have read for a very long time.”

“Gripping isn’t the word for it. I was totally hooked from the start and I read a lot of books – but this has to be right up at the top – brilliant story, brilliant characters.” 


BOOK 3: THE BONE HILL (Coming 2019!)

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