Stock Magnate: A Blueprint To Make Money Consistently From the Stock Market

Written by Karthik Kuppuswamy
Category: · Business & Money

Hi I am Karthik Kuppuswamy, 

I will be sharing my knowledge and experience of how I transformed from a Rookie trader losing money to a Pro trader making money consistently from the stock market. There are 3 factors that will determine your success in the markets. 20% of your success comes from the method or Strategy used to buy stocks. 30% comes from correct position sizing and 50% of your success is how you manage your emotions and psychology. And without either of them making money consistently would be difficult. In this book I will cover each of these in detail, and get you start thinking as a pro trader. 

In the first part of the book, 

I will share my objectives of what I expect from my trading business. Then I will show you how the business model of a casino, and how they make money in a game of chance.  I will then share the basic idea and concepts of the stock market. You will learn what trends are and how we can use them in our trading business.

The next chapters I will cover the strategies I use to pick stocks. By using these strategies you will know 

  • “WHAT TO BUY” 
  • “WHEN TO BUY”.
  • “WHEN  TO SELL”  

 In my trading business 

I expect to make 3 times what I risk. So even if I’m only 50% right I will still be making money. I cover psychology and the emotions you’d be facing while trading. So together with all these strategies making money from the markets will be an effortless process. Remember, A good trade is not when you have made or lost money, it is when you have followed the rules religiously.


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