Steampunk Drawing Box Set 5-in-1: Steampunk Drawing 2 books, Steampunk Animals, Steampunk Dogs, Steampunk Cats

Written by Jeffrey Stains
Category: · Arts & Photography

This is a BOX SET of the best drawing books of STEAMPUNK from Jeffrey Stains. You will find amazing drawings of various subjects with easy to follow instructions how to draw them.
If you are interested in showing your expertise in this new and happening genre, this Box Set is the right place to start. Steampunk drawings are versatile in nature. You can draw anything and everything from a butterfly to a mansion. All you need to have is passion for the genre and of course some imagination. These eBooks take you through the basics in steampunk drawings, so you get on to a rousing start in the steampunk genre and get in touch with your past and future. Enjoy your steampunk drawings with our amazing drawings and easy-to-follow steps!

Here is a preview of what you’ll find in STEAMPUNK Drawing Box Set 5-in- 1:

  • STEAMPUNK: Drawing Amazing Steampunk Figures
  • STEAMPUNK: Learn How to Draw Amazing Steampunk Figures
  • Steampunk Cats Drawing: A Completely New Form of Cats
  • STEAMPUNK ANIMALS: Sketching Steampunk Animals with Creative Steampunk Drawings!
  • STEAMPUNK DOGS Drawing: Unleash Your Imagination with Creative Steampunk Dogs


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