Stateline: a fast-paced thriller you won’t be able to put down (Dan Reno Book 1)

Written by Dave Stanton

Looking for a fast-paced and utterly gripping crime thriller? Then try this book by best-selling author Dave Stanton, an explosive thriller full of stunning twists and turns.

Cancel the wedding. The groom is dead. 

When a tycoon’s son is murdered the night before his wedding, the grief-stricken father offers private detective Dan Reno a life-changing bounty to find the killer.

Reno, nearly broke, thinks he’s finally found himself in the right place at the right time. But when a band of crooked cops get involved, Reno finds himself fighting for his life.

Who committed the murder, and why? Which cops can he trust, if any?

Haunted by his murdered father and a violent past, Reno wants no more blood on his hands. But a man’s got to make a living, and backing off is not in his DNA.

Traversing the snowy alpine winter in the Sierras and the lonely deserts of Nevada, Reno must revert to his old ways to survive. Because the bounty won’t do him much good if he’s dead.

What everyone is saying about Stateline:

“This story has it all! Fights, drugs, hookers, alcohol, crooked cops, gambling… You name it this book has it. It is action packed!” Gemma Myers – Between The Pages Book Club

“I absolutely raced through this book. It was such an adrenaline-fuelled ride from start to finish, that the pages just kept turning themselves.” Steve Robb – BookieWookie

“What Stanton does do very well indeed is present his readers an incredibly pacey, whirlwind of a story that ends far too soon for this reader, such was the extent with which it drew me in.” Mark Wilson – Author

“The book really gets into Reno’s backstory and history, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading about as it brings the characters to life more and really engaged me as a reader.” Simon Leonard – Black Books Blog

“Stateline is a book you won’t want to put down, from the first page to the last you’ll be hooked, just like I was.” Lauren Anderson – As The Page Turns Reviews

“If you’re a fan of action packed, fast paced crime investigations, then Stateline will keep you turning the pages.” Mark Tilbury – Author

“The blurb drew me in and then Dan Reno’s character kept me turning the pages.” Alexina Golding – Bookstormer

“Gritty and dark from start to finish!” Rae Reads – Rachel Broughton

“There was no way I could not read this book with the eye-catching cover and the very intriguing blurb.” Sarah Hardy – By The Letter Book Reviews

“This was a great start to the series. The writing style was great and the pace and plot were spot on.” Donna Maguire – Donnas Book Blog

“A highly recommended, fast-paced and gripping start to a very promising new serial.” Kaisha Holloway – The Writing Garnet


Stateline is a fast-paced thriller full of action and adventure. The Dan Reno series appeals to fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series as well as authors like; Rob Sinclair, David Baldacci, Mark Dawson, Michael Connely and David Archer.


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