Start to Finish Maple Syrup: Everything you need to know to make DIY Maple Syrup on a Budget

Written by Brian Cunningham

The goal of this book is to give you all of the information you need to make your own maple syrup from the amazing, free sap in your own maple trees. It doesn’t mess around with filler and fluff. This book gets right to the point.


– organized tables

– checklists

– clear, sequential instructions for every phase


– A complete materials list

– Details on how to identify maple trees any time of year

– Guidance to determine how many taps you’ll need

– Estimating how much firewood you’ll need if you boil outside

– Tips to calculate how much sap you might yield

– How to make your own maple taps and collecting jugs

– Plans to build your own evaporator

– Tips for storing sap

– Instructions on how to evaporate the sap and finishing to perfectly delicious syrup

– Bonus ideas for what you can do with leftover sap

Making your own syrup can be as hard or as difficult as you want it to be. You can tap 1 tree or you can tap 1,000 trees. Why not give it a shot!

Ferrin Brook Farm is a family home and nano farming operation in Madison, NH. They raise poultry for eggs and meat and maintain several productive gardens and fruit trees. And of course make maple syrup. Their passion is enjoying quality, healthy, local food.


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