Stab Proof Scarecrows

Written by Lance Manley

Three years and three months in the English Police.

Twenty months as a volunteer Special Constable in the City of London, patrolling the Square Mile. On duty on July 7th and July 21st 2005 in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Then nineteen months with another Force as a paid Regular officer.

If you want a poodle, then buy one.

But don’t buy a Rottweiler, pull all its teeth out and have it neutered and then complain that it’s lost its aggressive edge.

The English Police is currently the most emasculating job anyone can ever do if they join up with ideals and a belief that Justice should be served.

Stab Proof Scarecrows looks at Policing in the UK from a Trainee’s perspective. Someone who joined with high aspirations of helping to protect people and serve the public trust, only to resign while still in probation after becoming thoroughly disillusioned with the modern world of coppering.

** Contains new epilogue unique to Kindle edition: “A Former Officer & A Gentleman” **


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